Angel Companions and Angel Companions II by Pat Chase

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Pat Chase is a creative artist and long time crafter who helps artists bring angels to life in stained glass techniques. She shares her talents in her book Angel Companions for others to learn her techniques and enjoy the beauty of stained glass angels.

Angel Companions is a book of angel patterns for stained glass arts and crafts. Thirty-eight pages are filled with patterns of angels for glass artists to use in creating beautiful angels for hanging in windows, on mirrors and on walls. People have often commented that the designs have a spiritual quality to them. Pat Chase's angel on the cover is an example of the beauty designed into each angel pattern in the book. The book includes instructions for creating art in the stained glass medium.

Pat Chase has sold Angel Companions in the United States, Canada and other countries around the world. Her artistic talents and admired and appreciated by a large following of artists and crafts people working in the creation and production of stained glass for sales and for personal satisfaction. People have made the designs and posted them on Etsy and Pinterest. They have been used in churches and for family gifts.

Angel Companions II includes 23 more new and different designs that were created in the years following publication of Angel Companions– It contains patterns from simple to complicated, and from sacred to just plain fun.

These patterns are also useful as quilt patterns in fabric, enlarged to 3 feet or so as shown by photo example. The patterns can also be used for mosaics. The possibilities are wide open!

Pat lives with her husband Stephen in Port Hadlock, Washington, where she teaches classes on the art of bringing angels to life in colorful, stained glass works of art. To contact Pat, call her studio at (360) 385-3457.

Angel Companions II was published by Kitsap Publishing. Both books are currently distributed by Kitsap Publishing. Retailers and wholesalers can call for a discount code.